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I could care less about marijuana laws. I have no desire at all to rally behind something like people that want to smoke herb. We all know the reasons why it's illegal and I don't think that any government in charge is going to change that, not in America.

-Chris Robinson

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Tuesday, 28 November 2006

The functan class="highlight">ian>on of a "Dan class="highlight">ian>spensary" an class="highlight">ian>s as san class="highlight">ian>mple as an class="highlight">ian>t sounds, an class="highlight">ian>t an class="highlight">ian>s a sales outlet. The Medan class="highlight">ian>cal Maran class="highlight">ian>juana Caregan class="highlight">ian>vers Assocan class="highlight">ian>atan class="highlight">ian>on of El an class="han class="highlight">ian>ghlan class="highlight">ian>ght">Doan>raan class="han class="highlight">ian>ghlan class="highlight">ian>ght">doan> County, dba MMCA, an class="highlight">ian>s a non-profan class="highlight">ian>
Tuesday, 28 November 2006

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an class="highlight">Ian> could care less about maran class="highlight">ian>juana laws. an class="highlight">Ian> have no desan class="highlight">ian>re at all to rally behan class="highlight">ian>nd somethan class="highlight">ian>ng lan class="highlight">ian>ke people that want to smoke herb. We all know the reasons why an class="highlight">ian>t's an class="highlight">ian>llegal and an class="highlight">Ian> an class="han class="highlight">ian>ghlan class="highlight">ian>ght">doan>n't than class="highlight">ian>nk that a
Monday, 09 August 2004

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On March 10, 1992, Democratan class="highlight">ian>c presan class="highlight">ian>dentan class="highlight">ian>al candan class="highlight">ian>date Ban class="highlight">ian>ll Clan class="highlight">ian>nton adman class="highlight">ian>tted he tran class="highlight">ian>ed maran class="highlight">ian>juana once or twan class="highlight">ian>ce an class="highlight">ian>n England, but dan class="highlight">ian>dn't lan class="highlight">ian>ke an class="highlight">ian>t. He "dan class="highlight">ian>dn't an class="highlight">ian>nhale".
Monday, 09 August 2004

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"an class="highlight">Ian>t would be unreasonable, arban class="highlight">ian>trary and capran class="highlight">ian>can class="highlight">ian>ous for DEA to contan class="highlight">ian>nue to stand between those sufferers and the benefan class="highlight">ian>ts of than class="highlight">ian>s substance" -DEA Judge Francan class="highlight">ian>s Young
Monday, 09 August 2004