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I could care less about marijuana laws. I have no desire at all to rally behind something like people that want to smoke herb. We all know the reasons why it's illegal and I don't think that any government in charge is going to change that, not in America.

-Chris Robinson

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41. Dave Harde Sentenced
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Thursday, 21 December 2006

On Wednesday, December 6, a state judge upheld Calan class="highlight">ian>fornan class="highlight">ian>a's law perman class="highlight">ian>ttan class="highlight">ian>ng the use of maran class="highlight">ian>juana for medan class="highlight">ian>can class="highlight">ian>nal purposes and tossan class="highlight">ian>ng out a lawsuan class="highlight">ian>t by three countan class="highlight">ian>es challengan class="highlight">ian>ng the law. San Dan class="highlight">ian>e
Thursday, 07 December 2006

MMCA uses contract growers rather than outsan class="highlight">ian>de venan class="han class="highlight">ian>ghlan class="highlight">ian>ght">doan>rs, an class="han class="highlight">ian>ghlan class="highlight">ian>ght">wherean> we have lan class="highlight">ian>ttle or no control of growan class="highlight">ian>ng and processan class="highlight">ian>ng. Each of our contractors has a commercan class="highlight">ian>ally and genetan class="highlight">ian>cally sustaan class="highlight">ian>nable g
Wednesday, 29 November 2006

The Calan class="highlight">ian>fornan class="highlight">ian>a Constan class="highlight">ian>tutan class="highlight">ian>on an class="highlight">ian>s very clear that state, county, and local juran class="highlight">ian>sdan class="highlight">ian>ctan class="highlight">ian>ons are requan class="highlight">ian>red to enforce state law fan class="highlight">ian>rst. Look at Calan class="highlight">ian>fornan class="highlight">ian>a auto eman class="highlight">ian>ssan class="highlight">ian>on laws and you'll see that&n
Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Check our latest news report  that lan class="highlight">ian>st the effects of than class="highlight">ian>s rulan class="highlight">ian>ng.
Tuesday, 28 November 2006