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I could care less about marijuana laws. I have no desire at all to rally behind something like people that want to smoke herb. We all know the reasons why it's illegal and I don't think that any government in charge is going to change that, not in America.

-Chris Robinson

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36. We're Still Here
As many of you already know from readan class="highlight">ian>ng the paper the county has denan class="highlight">ian>ed us the ran class="highlight">ian>ght to provan class="highlight">ian>de safe access to Medan class="highlight">ian>cal Maran class="highlight">ian>juana for patan class="highlight">ian>ens an class="highlight">ian>n need. There thoughtless acts have caused many peop
Saturday, 12 January 2008

...ntan class="highlight">ian>nue to deny due process to the san class="highlight">ian>ck people of than class="highlight">ian>s county by not allowan class="highlight">ian>ng "dan class="highlight">ian>spensaran class="highlight">ian>es" anyan class="han class="highlight">ian>ghlan class="highlight">ian>ght">wherean> an class="highlight">ian>n the county. Board member Norma Santan class="highlight">ian>ago raan class="highlight">ian>sed the questan class="highlight">ian>on as to whether stran class="highlight">ian>kan class="highlight">ian>ng all...
Tuesday, 08 January 2008

38. MMCA in D.C.
...e to many when an class="highlight">Ian> say that an class="highlight">Ian>'m a Republan class="highlight">ian>can, as have been those an class="highlight">ian>n my faman class="highlight">ian>ly back to the Lan class="highlight">ian>ncoln days an class="han class="highlight">ian>ghlan class="highlight">ian>ght">wherean> radan class="highlight">ian>cal Republan class="highlight">ian>cans battled entrenched slavery. an class="highlight">Ian>t was to a Natan class="highlight">ian>onal Republan class="highlight">ian>can Congressan class="highlight">ian>...
Saturday, 24 March 2007

39. Clones & Seeds
We have had a dan class="highlight">ian>ffan class="highlight">ian>cult tan class="highlight">ian>me keepan class="highlight">ian>ng up wan class="highlight">ian>th clone supplan class="highlight">ian>es lately, so call to check what an class="highlight">ian>s currently avaan class="highlight">ian>lable - 530.677.5362 duran class="highlight">ian>ng busan class="highlight">ian>ness hours. Seeds are no longer avaan class="highlight">ian>lable.
Monday, 05 February 2007

40. CA Sales Tax
The Calan class="highlight">ian>fornan class="highlight">ian>a Board of Equalan class="highlight">ian>zatan class="highlight">ian>on has determan class="highlight">ian>ned that medan class="highlight">ian>cal maran class="highlight">ian>juana sales are taxable and wan class="highlight">ian>ll seek back taxes. MMCA was an class="highlight">ian>ssued a CA Seller's Perman class="highlight">ian>t an class="highlight">ian>n February 2004. Pran class="highlight">ian>can class="highlight">ian>ng here has alway
Monday, 22 January 2007