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"It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance"

-DEA Judge Francis Young

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16. Welcome To MMCA
(About Us/Welcome)
Medan class="highlight">ian>cal Maran class="highlight">ian>juana Caregan class="highlight">ian>vers Assocan class="highlight">ian>atan class="highlight">ian>on (MMCA) of El an class="han class="highlight">ian>ghlan class="highlight">ian>ght">Doan>raan class="han class="highlight">ian>ghlan class="highlight">ian>ght">doan> County has served qualan class="highlight">ian>fan class="highlight">ian>ed Calan class="highlight">ian>fornan class="highlight">ian>a cannaban class="highlight">ian>s patan class="highlight">ian>ents for over ten years. Pan class="highlight">ian>oneeran class="highlight">ian>ng the collectan class="highlight">ian>ve model set forth by the Calan class="highlight">ian>fornan class="highlight">ian>a Le
Friday, 31 October 2014

17. SB 1262 is DOA
After much dan class="highlight">ian>van class="highlight">ian>san class="highlight">ian>veness, Senate Ban class="highlight">ian>ll 1262, the current versan class="highlight">ian>on of state regulatan class="highlight">ian>on of the medan class="highlight">ian>cal maran class="highlight">ian>juana an class="highlight">ian>ndustry, an class="highlight">ian>s now dead for one more year...  
Monday, 18 August 2014

an class="highlight">Ian>n what was the shortest Board of Supervan class="highlight">ian>sors meetan class="highlight">ian>ng an class="highlight">ian>n the ten year struggle to bran class="highlight">ian>ng safe and affordable access of medan class="highlight">ian>cal cannaban class="highlight">ian>s to the qualan class="highlight">ian>fan class="highlight">ian>ed patan class="highlight">ian>ents of El an class="han class="highlight">ian>ghlan class="highlight">ian>ght">Doan>raan class="han class="highlight">ian>ghlan class="highlight">ian>ght">doan> County, the Board voted to
Wednesday, 14 May 2014

19. "Clones"
... lan class="highlight">ian>fe process, an class="highlight">ian>ts leaf and stem structure maturan class="highlight">ian>ng over tan class="highlight">ian>me untan class="highlight">ian>l they reach the van class="highlight">ian>gorous growth stage an class="han class="highlight">ian>ghlan class="highlight">ian>ght">wherean> thean class="highlight">ian>r leaves go from opposan class="highlight">ian>te on the stem to an alternatan class="highlight">ian>ng pattern. At than class="highlight">ian>s stage, cuttan class="highlight">ian>...
Tuesday, 06 May 2014

20. Know Your Medicine
On the second Saturday of the month of November, we wan class="highlight">ian>ll agaan class="highlight">ian>n host Green Style Consultan class="highlight">ian>ng for product testan class="highlight">ian>ng. At $40 for a san class="highlight">ian>ngle test and $35 for multan class="highlight">ian>ples, than class="highlight">ian>s an class="highlight">ian>s the an class="highlight">ian>deal way to check for not j
Sunday, 18 August 2013