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El Dorado County BOS Acknowledges Dispensaries PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt Vaughn   
Wednesday, 14 May 2014
In what was the shortest Board of Supervisors meeting in the ten year struggle to bring safe and affordable access of medical cannabis to the qualified patients of El Dorado County, the Board voted to adjust its interpretation of Ordinance 4999 rather than embark on a lengthy procedure to change the wording of the ordinance. This ordinance was intended to stop the influx of new dispensaries and accept the "non-conforming use" of currently operating dispensaries. The Board, County Counsel and the Planning Dept. struggled with the wording and interpretation of 4999. The Board clearly intended to allow existing businesses, but County Counsel and Planning had trouble getting past the "jots and tittles" to carry out the Board's intent. After some civilized discussions, everyone finally ended up on the same page. The five existing businesses are "grandfathered" in and as a condition, cannot expand or move their operation.
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