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"Clones" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt Vaughn   
Tuesday, 06 May 2014

We field countless "clone" questions this time of year and here we want to get some basic info out there. The term "clone" in the popular lexicon refers to cannabis plant cuttings. Propagation by cloning and by cuttings are two distinctly different forms of asexual reproduction. True clones are whole plants produced from stem cells and that are structurally no different from a plant grown from seed. The clones experience the whole life process, its leaf and stem structure maturing over time until they reach the vigorous growth stage where their leaves go from opposite on the stem to an alternating pattern. At this stage, cuttings can be taken and rooted.


Cuttings are small parts of a mature plant. Cuttings will grow vigorously with plenty of warmth and light, but is susceptible to flowering triggered from cold nights and cloudy days. The past few years has seen a change in our local climate that includes cold and wet weather that lasts through late spring and has caused much confusion and wasted efforts over cuttings that flower early. We will have cuttings available soon, with a watchful eye on the weather. You can call us for current information.


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