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White House Rejects Petition to Legalize Marijuana PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt Vaughn   
Tuesday, 01 November 2011

An article in the November 1st Wall Street Journal states that the White House has turned down a petition to legalize and regulate marijuana "in a manner similar to alcohol." The petition had vaulted to the top spot among petitions on the White House administration's "We the People" project. So much for we the people!


Gil Kerlikowske, director of the White House Office of Drug Control Policy, said that reasearch found that marijuana is associated with addiction, respiratory disease and cognitive impairment, and that it possibly affects still-developing brains of people in their 20's. He called the current drug-control strategy "balanced and comprehensive, emphasizing prevention and treatment" and "innovative law enforcement."


Does anybody believe anything that comes out of the government's mouth these days? Gil, really?! The White House has had 40 years to show us the body of some old cancer-riddled pot-head like Willie, Waylon and me, and we're just not believing you and your ancient propaganda.


Last Updated ( Saturday, 05 November 2011 )
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